Posted on 18 Jan, 2019

Getwell Multispeciality Homoeopathy

There are some important and most prevalent causes of lack of concentration in school going kids (we can say from age 5 to 15 years). At this age, their mind is very sharp and most attentive to learn new things. So, it is very necessary to give their potential a SENSE of DIRECTION.
📍1. BORING and DIFFICULT study pattern - children always find something which they enjoy doing,Give them easy tasks to complete or BREAK THE DIFFICULT TASK into small, easy tasks, so that they learn to accomplish their goals.
📍2. MEDICAL CONDITIONS - if your child recently developed a lack of concentration, was well earlier, and has serious concentration problems, then it may be due to some medical condition like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), DEFICIENCY of VITAMIN B COMPLEX and other MICRONUTRIENT, HORMONAL IMBALANCE in pubertal age children,CHRONIC ILLNESS, etc.
📍3. DIET -food products which cause TIREDNESS and SLEEPINESS like products made of refined carbohydrates like pasta, noodles and also pizza, burger, carbonated drinks.They cause SHORT-TERM alertness but,in the long-term,the effect is SLUGGISHNESS.
📍4- DEHYDRATION- lack of fluids leads to poor concentration even in adults.
💡Baryta carb, Gelsemium, natrum mur, mag phose, calcarea carb,Medorrhinum are some of the well working homoepathic remedies for poor concentration in kids.
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