Posted on 12 Feb, 2019

Getwell Multispeciality Homoeopathy


🌟 MEN are LESS likely than women to have a FIRST UTI(URINARY TRACT INFECTION), But once a man has a UTI, he is likely to have another because bacteria can hide deep inside PROSTATE TISSUE. Anyone who has DIABETES or a problem that makes it hard to urinate may have REPEAT infections.
🌟In CHILDREN, BOYS are more likely to develop ASTHMA than GIRLS, but in ADULTS, WOMEN are more likely than MEN.
🌟MIGRAINE may be HEREDITARY.They may experience intense HEAD PAIN, SICK feelings, DISTORTED VISION and SENSITIVITY to SOUND and LIGHT.
🌟 FASTING and LOW-CARBOHYDRATE eating programs can produce HALITOSIS(BAD SMELLING BREATH). This is due to the breakdown of fats producing chemicals called KETONES. These ketones have a STRONG AROMA.

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