Posted on 3 Feb, 2019

Getwell Multispeciality Homoeopathy

💡I have heard many moms I know talk about a specific kind of HIGH-FUNCTIONING depression. We get out of bed in the morning, because there are SMALL PEOPLE completely dependent upon us. We can’t just ignore the crying or the “mom, mom, MOM!” We get the kids ready for school, we feed them, we do what needs to be done.
💡But it is all a SHAM. We feel dead inside, like a SHELL of a person. We can sort of fake it for the kids, but no one else.Still functioning on the outside but PARALYZED on the inside. No hope, no LIGHT we can see at the end of the TUNNEL.
💡Not to say that moms don’t have debilitating, can’t-get-out-of-bed depression too. But so many mothers suffer from this other invisible DEAD WEIGHT.
💡Stay-at-home moms are uniquely at risk for depression. The isolation of being home all day with no adults; the monotony of doing the same damn things over and over again and never feeling like you’ve actually accomplished anything; the lack of time and energy for the most basic hygiene; the sometimes COMPLETE LACK OF POSITIVE FEEDBACK; the MIND-NUMBING endlessness of it. Never a break, especially if you are not blessed with a good sleeper. Always on call, 24/7.
💡The mom job is hard enough. But if you add on a child with mental illness, chronic health issues, or disabilities, it becomes monumental. I know many moms like this and many have suffered through depression.
💡There comes a point where you must
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